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Dial-a-Ride: Walker to Topaz

  • Walker Dial-a-Ride (DART!) is a door-to-door route that runs year-round.    Walker DART!  is currently running the Summer schedule Monday-Thursday 800am to 4:00pm.
  • Please call 530-402-6832 for Walker DAR reservations. Please allow 30-45 minutes for pickup.
  • Service on this route will be affected on ESTA holidays. Please see the “Holidays” page for a list of ESTA holidays and related service reductions.
ESTA Walker Routes (PDF)
  • Door-to-door service is provided in the Walker and Coleville to Topaz area for the general public.
  • All buses are lift equipped, fully accessible for passengers who use mobility devices. Children under 5 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
ToWalkerColevilleTopazTopaz LodgeHolbrook Junction
Adult / DiscountAdult / DiscountAdult / DiscountAdult / DiscountAdult / Discount
Walker$3.00 / $2.40$3.00 / $2.40$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40
Coleville$3.00 / $2.40$3.00 / $2.40$3.00 / $2.40$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40
Topaz$3.00/$2.40$3.00 / $2.40$3.00 / $2.40$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40
Topaz Lodge$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40$3.00 / $2.40$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40
Holbrook Junction$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40$3.00/$2.40
Ad for Eastern Sierra Transit's Dial-a-Ride service at $3 per ride with door-to-door service in Walker Area. Senior discount $2.40.
Walker Area Dial-A-Ride just got easier! $3 per ride; Door-to-door service from Walker to Holbrook Junction (including Coleville, Topaz, and Topaz Lodge stops) will be a flat rate of $3.00! Senior discount price is $2.40.
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