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Lone Pine Express Route Expansion & Fare Reduction

Eastern Sierra Transit is making travel between Lone Pine and Bishop a little easier.  Starting Monday, October 31, 2016, there will an additional run on the Lone Pine Express route to accommodate those who wish to spend a half day in Bishop.  Three days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) the bus will depart Lone Pine McDonalds at 11:45am. with stops in Independence  at 12:00pm, Big Pine at 12:35pm and arriving in Bishop at 12:55pm.

There are now four departure times from Lone Pine north to Bishop. The new departure times are:

North from Lone Pine – McDonalds
M- F M- F M, W, F Only M- F
6:15am 8:30am 11:45am 5:00pm

There are three departure times from Bishop south to Lone Pine Monday through Friday:

South from Bishop – Vons/Kmart
7:00am 1:15pm 6:30pm

Commuting with Eastern Sierra Transit is very economical with 50% off the 10-Punch pass.  The 10-Punch passes has one rate for all passengers including adults, seniors, youth and disabled. The new reduce pass price will go into effect October 31, 2016 through June 30, 2017.

Lone Pine Express
10-Punch Pass Fare Reduction
Bishop to: Big Pine $17.00
  Aberdeen $26.00
  Independence $29.00
  Lone Pine $33.00
Big Pine to: Aberdeen $16.00
  Independence $20.00
  Lone Pine $26.00
Aberdeen to: Independence $16.00
  Lone Pine $23.00
Independence to: Lone Pine $16.00

The Lone Pine Express is a versatile route that accommodates many needs of the community including

  • Commuters from Bishop and Big Pine going to work in Independence.
  • South County resident coming to Bishop for work, shopping, medical and social activities for a full or half day
  • 6:15am bus from Lone Pine connects with 395 Route going to Reno
  • 11:45am bus connect to the Mammoth Express going to Mammoth
  • All busses have bike racks

The Expansion of the Lone Pine Express and the reduction of pass price have been made possible through an Inyo County Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) grant funding.

ESTA Proposes Amendment to Conflict of Interest Code

Notice is given that ESTA proposes to edit the Authority’s Conflict of Interest by adding and additional Designated Position.

Mammoth Regional Routes Bus Stop to Move

The bus stop for ESTA’s regional routes (Lone Pine to Reno, and Mammoth Express) will be relocating as a result of the closure of the Mammoth lakes McDonald’s, where the stop is currently located.  Effective Monday, October 24th, the stop will be relocated to the Vons shopping center parking lot adjacent to the area currently used by the Purple and Gray Lines (near the southwest corner of the parking lot).  The Mammoth Express and Lone Pine-Reno route times will be unchanged as a result of the relocation of the stop.