Due to the closure of Inyo National Forest, there will be no entrance to Lakes Basin September 1- September 16, 2021. Service will resume on September 17, 2021 and run through September 26th.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin Trolley runs May 28 – September 26, 2021.

Want to go hiking, fishing and playing in the mountain lakes? The Town of Mammoth Lakes provides free summer bus service to the Lakes Basin. This Route goes from Canyon Blvd, across from the Village up to Lake Mary Road and Twin Lakes Loop.

The Historical Society will provide one costumed entertainer per Lakes Basin Trolley, telling stories or providing music or other entertainment, and informing visitors about weekend Town events and activities. Entertainers will be on duty from 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, plus additional holiday days from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, 2021.

Daily service from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Bus Stop #Route DirectionLocationMinutes Past the Hour *Peak Period
Minutes Past
the Hour
Last Bus of
the Day
90Horseshoe LakeCanyon Blvd / Across From Village0:000:305:00 PM
91Horseshoe LakeLake Mary Road / Lee Road0:020:325:02 PM
94Horseshoe LakeLake Mary Rd. / Lower Twin Lakes0:060:365:06 PM
95Horseshoe LakeTwin Lakes Loop Rd / Tamarack Lodge0:080:385:08 PM
96Horseshoe LakeTwin Lakes Loop Rd /Twin Lakes Marina0:100:405:10 PM
97Horseshoe LakeLake Mary Loop Rd / Old Mammoth Road0:120:425:12 PM
98Horseshoe LakeLake Mary Rd / Riding Stables0:130:435:13 PM
99Horseshoe LakeLake Mary Loop Rd / Pine City Campground0:160:465:16 PM
100Horseshoe LakeLake Mary Loop Rd / Lake Mary Marina0:190:495:19 PM
101Horseshoe LakeLake Mary Loop Rd / Lake George Rd0:210:515:21 PM
102Horseshoe LakeLake Mary Loop Rd / Pokonobe Lodge0:240:545:24 PM
103Horseshoe LakeLake Mary Loop Rd / Wildyrie Lodge0:260:565:26 PM
104The VillageLake Mary Loop Rd / Horseshoe Lake Parking0:300:005:30 PM
103The VillageLake Mary Loop Rd / Wildyrie Lodge0:330:035:33 PM
102The VillageLake Mary Loop Rd / Pokonobe Lodge0:340:045:34 PM
98The VillageLake Mary Rd / Riding Stables0:360:065:36 PM
97The VillageLake Mary Loop Rd / Old Mammoth Road0:370:075:37 PM
96The VillageTwin Lakes Loop Rd /Twin Lakes Marina0:390:095:39 PM
95The VillageTwin Lakes Loop Rd / Tamarack Lodge0:420:125:42 PM
91The VillageLake Mary Road / Lee Road0:460:165:46 PM