Vanpool Service

Eastern Sierra Transit offers employees in the Eastern Sierra a new and convenient way to get to work via a VANPOOL. Higher fuel prices, increased vehicle operating costs, and stress from driving in inclement weather are all facts of life here in the Eastern Sierra. Commuting to work via a vanpool can greatly reduce the cost and stress of this daily responsibility. Vanpooling not only reduces the cost and hassle of driving to work alone, but will also provide for better air quality and reduced traffic volume by reducing the number of vehicles on our roadways.

A vanpool is a group of employees who share the cost of commuting to work using a vehicle that is provided by the Transit Authority. The base cost of the vanpool program for a commute from the Bishop area to Mammoth Lakes is currently $160 per person per month. This covers all of the costs of commuting, including the van, insurance, fuel, and maintenance. For a typical 21-workday month, this works out to just over $7.50 per day. The AAA estimates that the daily cost of this commute, even in a small, fuel-efficient sedan, would be $31.86 when all of the costs of driving (fuel, maintenance, license, registration, depreciation, and financing) are included.  The base price is adjusted monthly based upon changes in fuel costs.

In order to form a vanpool, it is necessary to match up groups of people who work similar shifts and commute from similar areas. The enclosed Vanpool Interest Questionnaire (PDF) will allow Eastern Sierra Transit to do just that. The survey results will be used only for the purpose of program planning and implementation. All information provided from the surveys will be maintained in confidence and you will not be contacted unless you so indicate.

Please feel free to contact Eastern Sierra Transit if you have any questions about the Vanpool program. Thank you for your interest in this program.