The Town of Mammoth Lakes provides free year-round bus service throughout Mammoth Lakes. Purple Line goes from Vons (Supermarket) to the Village, stopping at the Mammoth Hospital, RV Park, and Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center!

Service from 7:00am until 6:00pm

This route will alternate service to the College and Elementary Schools (Stops #60 and #62) with departures from Vons at the top of the hour (0:00), and to the RV Park, Visitors Center, and Rite Aide (stops #28, #29, adn #11) with departures from Vons at the bottom of the hour (0:30).  All other stops on the Purple Line will be served every 30 minutes from 7:00am until 6:00pm.

Stop #LocationMinutes Past the HourMinutes Past the Hour
62Elementary School0:01:00
26Sierra Park Rd/High School0:02:000:32:00
27Sierra Park Road / Mammoth Hospital0:02:000:32:00
28Mammoth RV Park0:33:00
29Welcome Center0:34:00
11Rite Aide0:35:00
30Sierra Manor/Park & Ride0:08:000:38:00
31Sierra Manor/Sierra Nevada0:08:000:38:00
32Sierra Manor/Meridian0:09:000:39:00
45Meridan/Old Mammoth Road0:10:000:40:00
46Meridian/E of Manzanita0:11:000:41:00
34Manzanita/S of Dorrance0:12:000:42:00
35Dorrance/N of Dorrance0:12:000:42:00
35AManzanita/S of Frontage Rd0:13:000:43:00
15Main St/Mountain0:14:000:44:00
16Main St /W of Frontage Road0:15:000:45:00
17Main St / Minaret0:15:000:45:00
Village/CanyonThe Village / Canyon Boulevard0:16:000:46:00
Village/MinaretThe Village / Minaret Road0:20:000:50:00
17Main St / Minaret0:21:000:51:00
16Main St W of Frontage Rd0:21:000:51:00
15Main St / Joaquin0:21:000:51:00
38Frontage Rd W of Lupin0:22:000:52:00
37Lupin S of Main0:23:000:53:00
36Lupin N of Dorrance0:23:000:53:00
40Lupin S of Dorrance0:24:000:54:00
39Lupin N of Meridian0:24:000:54:00
47Meridian / Lupin0:25:000:55:00
46Meridian / Manzanita0:26:000:56:00
45Meridian / W of OMR0:27:000:57:00