Mammoth Lakes Night Trolley

The free wintertime Night Trolley operates every 20 minutes from 5:40pm until 2:00am seven nights per week (every 30-minutes after midnight Sunday through Thursday).  Beginning December 14, 2020 the Town Trolley will run from 5:40pm until Midnight seven nights per week. 

Scheduled service above The Village on Canyon and Lakeview Boulevards concludes at 10:00pm, although, return service upon request to the driver is available until from 10:00pm until 2:00am. Beginning December 14, 2020 return service, upon request, will be available only until Midnight.

Sunday through Thursday, scheduled service to Juniper Springs Resort concludes at midnight, although, return service upon request to the driver is available until from midnight until 2:00am. Beginning December 14, 2020 return service will be available only until Midnight.


Stop #Location1st BusLast Bus (Fri/Sat)
1Snowcrk Athletic Club5:40pm1:30am (1:40am)
2OMR / Ranch Road5:40pm1:30am (1:40am)
3Old Mammoth Rd / Minaret / Snowcrk5:41pm1:31am (1:41am)
4Minaret / Meadow Ln5:41pm1:31am (1:41am)
49Meridian / Sierra Star5:42pm11:32pm (1:42am)
50Meridian / Tennis Village5:42pm11:32pm (1:42am)
51Meridian / Lodestar5:43pm11:33pm (1:43am)
JSRJuniper Springs Resort5:45pm11:35pm (1:45am)
51Meridian / Lodestar5:46pm11:36pm (1:46am)
50Meridian / Tennis Village5:46pm11:36pm (1:46am)
49Meridian / Sierra Star5:47pm11:37pm (1:46am)
48Meridian / Joaquin5:48pm11:38pm (1:48am)
47Meridian / Lupin5:49pm11:39pm (1:49am)
46Meridian / Manzanita5:49pm11:39pm (1:49am)
63Azimuth / before Meridian5:50pm11:40pm (1:50am)
5Chateau / East of Azimuth5:51pm1:32am (1:52am)
6Chateau5:51pm1:33am (1:53am)
7OMR / Cheatau5:51pm1:33am (1:53am)
8OMR / Meridian / Carls5:53pm1:34am (1:54am)
9OMR / Meridian5:53pm1:34am (1:54am)
10OMR / Park and Ride5:53pm1:34am (1:54am)
11OMR / Gateway Ctr5:54pm1:35am (1:55am)
12Main St. / Laurel Mt. Rd5:54pm1:35am (1:55am)
13Main St. / Post Office5:55pm1:36am (1:56am)
14Main St / Sierra Blvd5:55pm1:36am (1:56am)
15Main St. / Mountain5:55pm1:36am (1:56a)
16Main St / W of Frontage Rd5:56pm1:37am (1:57am)
17Main St / east of Minaret Rd5:56pm1:37am (1:57am)
Village/CanyonVillage – Canyon Blvd5:40pm1:40am
70Canyon Blvd / Horsehoe Dr.5:40pm9:50pm
71Canyon Blvd / W of Convict Dr.5:41pm9:51pm
72Canyon Blvd / Forest Trail5:41pm9:51pm
73Canyon Blvd / Mammoth West Condo5:42pm9:52pm
Canyon LodgeCanyon Lodge5:43pm9:53pm
74Lakeview Blvd / 18495:43pm9:53pm
75Lakeview Blvd / Mtn Back5:54pm9:54pm
76Lakeview Blvd / Jahan5:54pm9:54pm
77Lakeview Blvd / Seasons4 1855:54pm9:54pm
78Lakeview Blvd / Lakeview Rd5:56pm9:56pm
79Lakeview Blvd / Crestview5:56pm9:56pm
80Lakeview Blvd /  Lakeview Villas5:56pm9:56pm
81Lakeview Blvd / Ski & Racquet5:57pm9:57pm
82Lakeview Blvd / Canyon Blvd.5:57pm9:57pm
Village/MinaretVillage – Minaret Rd5:55pm1:46am (1:35am)
17Main St / east of Minaret Rd5:56pm1:47am (1:36am)
16Main St / W of Frontage Rd5:56pm1:47am (1:36am)
15Main St opposite Joaquin5:56pm1:48am (1:36am)
14Main St / Manzanita5:57pm1:48am (1:37am)
13Main St across from Post Office5:57pm1:49am (1:37am)
12Main St at Laurel Mtn Rd5:57pm1:49am (1:37am)
11Old Mammoth Rd at Rite Aide5:40pm1:50am (1:40am)
10Old Mammoth Road at Rafters5:40pm1:50am (1:40am)
9Old Mammoth Rd north of Meridian5:41pm1:52am (1:41am)
8Old Mammoth Rd south of Meridian5:43pm1:52am (1:43am)
7Old Mammoth Rd north of Chateau5:43pm1:53am (1:43am)
6Mammoth Creek Park5:43pm1:54am (1:43am)
5Chateau / Azimuth5:44pm1:54am (1:44am)
63Azimuth / before Meridian5:44pm1:54am (1:44am)
46Meridian / Manzanita5:45pm1:55am (1:45am)
47Meridian / Lupin5:45pm1:55am (1:45am)
48Meridian / Joaquin5:46pm1:55am (1:46am)
4Minaret / Meadow5:49pm1:55pm (1:49am)
3Old Mammoth Rd / Minaret5:50pm1:55pm (1:50am)
1Snowcreek Athletic Club (arrive)5:52pm1:57am (1:52am)