How to Pay the Fare

Fares can be paid directly to the Driver on all routes and both tickets and passes can always be purchased from drivers.
CASH FARES:  If you are paying with cash, please have the exact fare.  For security reasons drivers do not carry or make change.  

Credit card payments can be made on the Reno and Lancaster routes only.

Tickets and passes are also available for purchase at our Bishop and Mammoth Lakes offices. ESTA accepts Visa, Master Card, or Discover for advanced purchase with a minimum charge of $6.

Multiride passes for Dial-a-Ride and Town-to-Town routes can be purchased online on the Buy-My-Pass page.

Advanced Payment for tickets and passes may be made with a credit card by calling the Bishop office at 760.872.1901 ext. 22.  The full fare will be charged at the time of sale.  The reservation can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the time of reservation for a 20% cancellation fee.

Partially Used Tickets are tickets that were not used to reach a final destination.  When a rider opts to disembark at a stop short of a destination, thereby not completing the purchased trip on a one-way ticket, no portion of that ticket is refundable.

Late Bus and Missed Connections  While ESTA makes every effort to provide on-time service, it does not guarantee its departure and arrival times, which may be affected by any number of factors including weather, traffic, or mechanical problems.  ESTA is not liable for expenses incurred as a result of delay.