The Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (ESTA) recently purchased a computerized schedule and dispatch system, RouteMatch Software, for the dial-a-ride service in Bishop.  This schedule and dispatch system was 100% funded through a combination of state and federal transit grants.The RouteMatch Demand Response Software is specifically designed for rural agencies with the ability to meet the unique needs of the Bishop dial-a-ride service.  A few of the features offered with this system include; data management and coordination, scheduling and route optimization, and real time service monitoring. What this means for ESTA’s passengers is easier appointment scheduling, more accurate arrival time information, and a reduction in overall wait times. The RouteMatch system allows for more effective routing of the vehicles through the utilization of tablet computer technology, including an automatic vehicle location system. ESTA’s dispatch staff will be able to schedule rides more efficiently by being able to view the vehicle locations in real time.  Dispatch and driving staff will be able to communicate directly through the tablets, which will record the trip information thereby reducing the driver and dispatcher’s administrative tasks.  The system includes a built in safety feature that disables the tablet any time the vehicle is in motion. The RouteMatch Software system is expected to be in full operation by April 2013. This new software system will allow Eastern Sierra Transit to enhance the quality of the dial-a-ride service for passengers in the Bishop area by building on current features such as the ability to make both advanced reservation and immediate response trip requests, as well as personalized door-to-door assistance.  For further information, contact Eastern Sierra Transit at 760.872.1901