13 Jan 2023

Monday 1/16/23 Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 16,2023 Eastern Sierra Transit will be operating a reduced schedule. The following routes will operate:

  • 395 Routes North to Reno and South to Lancaster
  • Lone Pine to Bishop 6:10am, 11:45am & 5:00pm
  • Bishop to Lone Pine 8:45am, 1:15pm & 6:20pm
  • Mammoth to Bishop 7:50am. 2:05pm, 5:15pm & 7:05pm
  • Bishop to Mammoth 6:45am, 7:25, 1:00pm & 6:10pm
  • Bishop Dial-A-Ride Limited Service – Priority will be given to Seniors and Disabled
  • All Services in the Town of Mammoth
Monday 1/16/23 Martin Luther King Jr. Day2023-01-13T10:28:43-08:00
13 Jan 2023

Friday 1/13/23 RENO ROUTE DETOUR


RIDER ALERT! January 13, 2023: Reno route is running today with a modified stop schedule.  We are picking up in Mammoth and taking a detour to Reno Airport and Sparks Greyhound.  If road conditions change, we will add additional stops on our return route.

Call ESTA dispatch 760-872-1901 ext. 22 for more information.

Friday 1/13/23 RENO ROUTE DETOUR2023-01-13T10:38:53-08:00
9 Jan 2023

1/09/2023 Reno Route Cancelled


Due to road closure of Highway 395, Eastern Sierra Transit will suspend service to Reno Airport Monday, 1/09/2023.

Due to road closure of Highway 395, Mammoth Express is currently suspended.

1/09/2023 Reno Route Cancelled2023-01-09T12:42:34-08:00
5 Jan 2023

1/05/2023 Reno Route Cancelled

Due to road closure of Highway 395, Eastern Sierra Transit will suspend service to Reno Airport Thursday, 1/05/2023.
1/05/2023 Reno Route Cancelled2023-01-05T08:15:50-08:00
22 Dec 2022

Walker Dial-A-Ride Service Thursday 12/22/22

There will be no Walker Dial-A-Ride Service Thursday, 12/22/22.
Walker Dial-A-Ride Service Thursday 12/22/222022-12-22T09:09:00-08:00
25 Aug 2022



The Final Day of Reds Meadow Shuttle is September 5th.

Thank you for a great season!

REDS MEADOW2022-08-25T10:12:36-07:00
10 Jun 2022

06/10/22 Bishop Creek Shuttle


Bishop Creek Shuttle service begins June 17, 2022 and will operate 7 days a week through September 11, 2022.  The Shuttle will depart Bishop at 8:00am and 4:00 pm and  will travel to South Lake and Lake Sabrina before returning to Bishop.  The Shuttle will stop for passengers along the route anywhere that it is safe for the bus to stop.  The one-way adult fare is $20 for  non-residents and $5 for local residents.   For more information click here:  Bishop Creek Shuttle 2022

06/10/22 Bishop Creek Shuttle2022-06-13T12:18:06-07:00
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