Tecopa to Pahrump

Schedule: Tecopa to Pahrump

StopTwo Thursdays/MonthAddress/Location
Tecopa, California8:00 AMSenior Center
Shoshone, California8:20 AMMedical Center
Pahrump, Nevada8:50 AMWalmart

**The bus returning from Pahrump to Tecopa will depart Pahrump no later than 11:00am. The bus may leave earlier depending upon passenger needs.

Schedule: Pahrump to Tecopa

StopTwo Thursdays/MonthAddress/Location
Pahrump, Nevada11:00 AM**Walmart
Shoshone, California11:30 AM**Medical Center
Tecopa, California11:50 AM**Senior Center

The Thursday dates for 2015 are as follows:

July9th and 23rd
August6th and 20th
September3rd and 17th
October8th and 22nd
November5th and 19th
December10th and 24th


Adult / DiscountAdult / DiscountAdult / Discount
Tecopa$3.00 / $2.50$5.50 / $5.00
Shoshone$3.00 / $2.50$5.00 / $4.50
Pahrump$5.50 / $5.00$5.00 / $4.50