Board of Directors

The ESTA Board of Directors comprises eight members. Each member jurisdiction (Inyo County, Mono County, City of Bishop, Town of Mammoth Lakes) appoints two representatives from their respective governing bodies.

The Board of Directors sets policy and exercises administrative control over all ESTA services.
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2017 Regular Meeting Calendar

ESTA Board Meeting Calendar 2017  
January 5th Town of Mammoth Lakes10:00a.m.
February 17thTown of Mammoth Lakes11:30a.m.
March 17th City of Bishop8:30a.m.
April 21stCity of Bishop11:00a.m.
May 19thTown of Mammoth Lakes8:30a.m.
June 16thTown of Mammoth Lakes11:00a.m.
July 21st City of Bishop8:30a.m.
August 11th
City of Bishop11:00a.m.
September 15thTown of Mammoth Lakes8:30a.m.
October 20thTown of Mammoth Lakes11:00a.m.
November 17thCity of Bishop8:30a.m.
December 8thCity of Bishop11:00a.m.

Please mail all correspondence for Board Members to:
ESTA Board Clerk
P.O. Box 1357
Bishop, CA 93515

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