Find the Right Bus

If you want help finding the right bus, this is your guide!  

(All of these options are available from the routes and services main menus (above to the right of home) on this page and on every page).   

I need a bus that...

...takes me from town to town on HWY 395.  

That's the hwy 395 fixed route under routes main menu... or click here:  395 Routes  (The 395 Route buses include GPS bus trackers.  Click the icon on the right and identify your route to find your bus and get an estimate of its expected arrival at your stop [up to 90 minutes in advance of the scheduled arrival time]).

...provides service from Benton.  
          That's the benton-bishop fixed route under routes main menu.. or click here: Benton - Bishop

...provides service for the Tecopa/Shoshone area.
          That's the tecopa-pahrump fixed route under routes main menu.. or click here: Tecopa - Pahrump

...provides scheduled service in and around in Mammoth Lakes.  
         That's the Mammoth fixed route under routes main menu... or click here: Mammoth Fixed Routes

...shuttles me during ski season on a schedule to/from the June Mountain Ski Resort.  
         That's the June Mountain seasonal route under routes main menu... or click here: June Mountain

...takes me to destinations in the Reds Meadow Valley, including Devils Postpile.  
         That's the Reds Meadow seasonal route under routes main menu... or click here: Reds Meadow

...will pick me up to travel within the communities of Lone Pine, Bishop, Mammoth Lakes or the Antelope Valley (Walker/Coleville).  
         Those are dial-a-ride menus under services main menu... or click the following links for:

Lone Pine dial-a-ride

Bishop dial-a-ride

Mammoth dial-a-ride

Walker dial-a-ride

...takes me to and from work and home on a regular basis along with a group of other people who work a similar schedule. 
          That's vanpool under services main menu... or click here: Vanpool